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We are always looking for new opportunities and collaborations for the growth of Taranto Circolare, get in touch with us.

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Is the platform free of charge?

Taranto Circolare is a free service. For the long-term maintenance of the platform and its tools, it can also be supported by getting in touch with Tondo.

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What are the advantages?

The Taranto Circolare platform is a collector of projects, associations, organizations and companies dealing with circular economy, to generate and promote new ideas for the territory. Registered users can upload initiatives and project proposals related to various initiatives in Taranto, and also have the opportunity to connect directly with each other to express interest and create collaborations.

The platform provides a comprehensive report on the level of circularity and material flows in the city of Taranto, as well as two calculation tools for understanding the level of circularity of one's own company and products. In addition, calls for funding and regional, national and European projects related to the circular economy are published frequently.

What is the difference between a project proposal and an initiative?

The main content of the platform are the initiatives and project proposals uploaded by the different entities. Specifically, an initiative is a project that already exists, with defined characteristics or at least already largely underway.

A project proposal, on the other hand, is an idea that has not yet been realized that an organization may decide to announce, in search of someone who decides to collaborate to achieve the same objective. These can be projects that will be created as they are developed, also under the supervision and with the help of Tondo.

In addition, users registered on the platform can also upload other types of material, always subject to the approval of the platform's moderators: it is possible to add news related to the circular economy, and post notices of any kind that may be useful to other entities.

Who can register on the platform?

It is possible to use some of the platform's functions without registering: however, in order to be able to publish material and to interact with other users, it is necessary to be accredited on the platform.

Anyone who has developed or wants to develop circular economy projects in Taranto, whatever the legal form, can register: when registering, it will be necessary to already enter an initiative or project proposal.

Once you have submitted your request by filling in all the items in the specific form, there will be a screening process by the platform moderators. Once the user has been verified, a confirmation email will be sent to access all services.


Who created the project?

Taranto Circolare was conceived by Tondo, , inspired by international realities, and was supported by several partners: the University of Bari Aldo Moro and the Polytechnic University of Bari for the analysis part, the National Operational Programme (NOP) 'Culture and Development' 2014 - 2020 for the initial funding, and Smallfish for the realization of the platform.