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in Taranto

Taranto Circolare is a platform that connects companies, projects, and funding to launch and empower new sustainable ideas of and for the region.

Project news

Circular exchange
Circular exchange

Taranto Circolare inaugurates a new section to connect with other users and upload offers/requests for materials, services or technologies, promoting reuse and the circular economy.

Measurement tools webinar
Measurement tools webinar

On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at 4 p.m., Tondo is holding a webinar to present its Circularity Measurement Tools, explaining how they work and how useful they are.

Taranto Circolare Webinar
Taranto Circolare Webinar

On February 22, 2024, Tondo held a webinar to present the report on Taranto Circular, where the study was explained and the results were shown.

Hackathon linked to the Taranto Circolare Project
Hackathon linked to the Taranto Circolare Project

A hackathon related to the Taranto Circular project was held on February 8 and 9, 2024. The event involved four classes from the ITS Logistics Puglia institute.

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An impact project for Taranto

Taranto Circolare aims to make an impact by supporting the ecological transformation of Taranto, with a focus on the Città Vecchia. This platform is a springboard for projects, companies and services through analysis and knowledge of the area.

to understand

On the platform the material and energy flows of the Città Vecchia and of Taranto can be measured, as well as the business models of the main players, to understand the local potential and stimulate circular change in the city. Measuring and understanding the reference reality are the first step for the creation of solid and impactful projects.

The tools offered by Taranto Circolare

Taranto Circolare is designed to connect ideas and people, offering various features to support the city and companies. Ad hoc tools are available to measure the circularity of companies and cities; it is possible to find calls for proposals and projects; thanks to the platform, there is the opportunity to get in touch directly with different actors and to develop collaborations also beyond Taranto Circolare.

Some initiatives on the platform

You're Up - Benefit company

You're Up - benefit company was founded in 2023 with the aim of describing companies and products through innovative tools that involve the customer in a process of transparent knowledge of Made in Italy.


The GREENLIFE4SEAS project aims to support the virtuous management of two categories of waste of marine origin that are difficult to dispose of: dredged sediment and mussel shells.

Jonian Dolphin Conservation

Jonian Dolphin Conservation is a research association for the study of cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto in the Northern Ionian Sea.

Masseria Fruttirossi

Masseria Fruttirossi covers 350 hectares of land cultivated according to ecological and sustainable methods, yielding 200,000 pomegranate plants.

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