Taranto Circolare is a showcase of projects and companies to create a network of actors active in the territory that are in synergy locally, but also for national and international realities looking for opportunities in Puglia.

By registering on Taranto Circolare it will be possible to become part of this network, creating synergies and new relationships, thus becoming part of a movement that will foster the birth and growth of more and more circular realities in the Taranto territory.

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Some initiatives on the platform

Taranto Circolare already has several projects:

B&B La Nassa
B&B La Nassa offers an alternative way of travelling, showing new possibilities of tourism that respect the environment, economy and local communities.

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Nasse Animation Studio
Nasse Animation Studio is the first benefit society in the animation field in Italy: it produced "Nicopò", the first 100% green series in the world.

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Jonian Dolphin Conservation
Jonian Dolphin Conservation is a scientific research association which studies and protects cetaceans of the Gulf of Taranto in the northern Ionian Sea.

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Bioenutra is an innovative company specializing in the production of natural active ingredients for nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical use from the waste and by-products of agriculture and agroindustry.

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The Ionian project aims to develop and transfer to shellfish enterprises technological innovations and new management and production systems aimed at increasing their competitiveness and improving the environmental and socio-economic sustainability of the shellfish sector overall.

Mussel decontamination
The project, which envisions the possibility of moving mussels to certain areas of the Mar Grande so as to facilitate not only the completion of their maturation, but also the acquisition of useful elements for the definition of the environmental framework for areas affected by the presence of mussel farms.

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