Circular exchange

Circular exchange

The Taranto Circolare platform, following feedback received during the workshop held in February, has implemented a new feature: this is the Circular Exchanges section, a new space reserved exclusively for users who have already created a profile on the platform. 

Within this section it is possible for registered users to connect with other entities and upload offers or requests for materials, services or technologies. In this way, users who choose to offer will gain the advantage of getting rid of material that would otherwise go to waste (such as by-products or waste), or put technologies and services at the service of other users (such as university technologies, or hosting, consulting services...), finding in the users of the platform an ideal target audience.

On the other hand, those who upload a request will have the possibility of finding what they were looking for more quickly, implementing dynamics of collaboration and industrial symbiosis at the material, energy and technological levels. All this with the security of having a trusted and circular economy-conscious entity as a supplier.

To receive more information about joining the platform and accessing the "Circular Exchanges" feature, or if you have any doubts about how it works, you can contact us at