Taranto Circolare Webinar

Taranto Circolare Webinar

On Thursday 22 February 2024, at 4 p.m. Tondo organized a webinar to present the report on the Taranto Circolare project, in which the study was illustrated and its results publicly shown.

The motivations behind the drafting of this report are many: the main one is the awareness that Taranto, with its strengths, peculiarities and challenges, represents fertile ground for the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions. The province of Taranto is characterized by a rich industrial history, which offers a particularly stimulating terrain for study and intervention.

The Taranto Circolare project proposes an in-depth analysis of the level of circularity in the Taranto area. Specifically, the work consists of a study of the material and energy flows of the main macro-sectors of the province of Taranto in 2020, understanding inputs, outputs, waste and emissions, and quantifying the level of circularity of the territory. This methodology thus made it possible to highlight Taranto's criticalities and strengths, and to go on to formulate project proposals for each macro-sector that could increase the city's level of circularity. With this in mind, the main opportunities identified focus on the valorization of by-products and the streamlining of related processes, leveraging innovation and collaboration between the various territorial actors.

The analysis data showed a circularity index of 8.5%, while the total input materials of the main sectors analyzed were estimated at around 16.9 million tonnes. Finally, among the energy indicators, the percentage of gross renewable energy as a percentage of total energy produced was 21.2%.

The webinar, which was held entirely in English, was divided into five moments:

  • Introduction to the topic of circular economy with Giovanna Matrone;
  • The methodology of the study with Shyaam Ramkumar;
  • The main results of the study with Francesco Castellano;
  • The project proposals in the agri-food sector with Antonino Biundo;
  • An overview of the rest of the project proposals with Francesco Castellano.

This was by a short Q&A session open to all participants.

The report is available for free at the following address: