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B&B La Nassa

B&B La Nassa

'DO MORE WITH LESS' is their motto, their philosophy: they are convinced that sustainability is not self-perpetuating but presupposes a common sensitivity and effort. Instilling a 'sustainable culture' means changing a consolidated modus operandi and is only possible if we start with our everyday choices.

The intention is to offer an alternative to the classic way of travelling, to bring out the possibilities of tourism that respects the environment, the economy and local communities, without sacrificing comfort.

This is why the La Nassa B&B has joined the circuit, a platform for finding eco-sustainable accommodation to travel in Harmony with Nature and discover Authentic Places. To be part of it, one has to respect some eco-features thanks to which they obtained 3.5 leaves out of 5, which corresponds to satisfying 7 out of 10 characteristics.

Sustainability involves different aspects of life, which is why they have opted for certain choices:

- The ceilings are made of wood as is the furniture, most of which was obtained from salvage and recycling
- The house is well insulated and has triple-glazed windows with argon that also have a soundproofing function
- All light bulbs are LED
- Water saving systems through modulators
- The heating, cooling and hot water production system is operated by a highly efficient air/water heat pump with very low co2 emissions.
- Single doses of shampoo and shower gel are banned
- The use of single servings is limited to a minimum
- Biodegradable detergents are used for almost all surfaces
- The roof is green and respects biodiversity by hosting more than 50 plants typical of our Mediterranean maquis
- Only certified and 100% renewable energy is used (Enegan)
- Many of the furnishings have been created from recycled material and cardboard

The ITACA Responsible Tourism Festival 'landed' on their terrace on the tour of the 'casematte' ('a building that looks like a house and is instead something quite different') and casamattari, on a wonderful morning when sustainability and biodiversity were discussed.

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Via di Mezzo, 110, 74123 Taranto TA