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HAVANAECO is a capsule, celebrating sustainability and craftsmanship in a limited edition of unique pieces characterized by a distinct contemporary feel and meticulous attention to detail. Creativity is typical of Made in Puglia, a territorial story that highlights the Mediterranean scrubland, an icon also expressed in the logo by the prickly pear as an element of recognition.

HAVANAECO is a core of essential garments with wrap-around lines, simple and timeless, made with organic fabrics subjected to low-waste processes following the line of sustainable development. Traditional processes are combined with dyes and prints made from natural powders derived from plants and shrubs typical of the southern region in collaboration with specialised craft workshops.

The craftsman is the artist of a unique work created with respect for the environment, with long lead times, far from the schemes of industrial ideology. Apulia and its craftsmen are a source of energy and inspiration, ensuring the solid foundation of this project.




via XI Febbraio, 37/B Sava (Ta), 74028