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Terra delle Gravine Association
from 07.04.2007 to 31.12.2024

Terra delle Gravine

The Terra delle Gravine Association is a volunteering cultural association that does not pursue profit-making purposes and is concerned with the protection and enhancement of the part of the territory known as the Terra delle Gravine, i.e. the sub-region lying between the south-eastern Murgia and the coastal plain, so-called because it is characterized by the geological phenomenon of the blades and ravines.

The Association promotes the knowledge of its geological, speleological, archaeological, landscape, urban, historical, artistic, naturalistic, agro-silvo-pastoral, ethno-demo-anthropological, eno-gastronomic peculiarities and values, both autonomously and by cooperating with other associations with similar aims and/or with territorial and central authorities.

In addition, the association attributes a strategic role to culture for the economic, social and political promotion of the territory; it also does this by promoting the active and direct participation of citizens in the protection of cultural and environmental assets, in concert with the competent bodies: to this end, it organizes excursions and guided tours in the territory and historical centers.

Every year it organises a four-day walking experience called GRAND TOUR OF THE LAND OF GRAVINE. It produces photographic exhibitions, shows, audiovisual materials and bibliographic publications.

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Strada Comunale da Roccaforzata a Monteparano, 74020 Roccaforzata TA