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Aps Ammostro
from 03.11.2017

Aps Ammostro

Ammostro was founded in 2014 in Taranto, within the Bollenti Spiriti School promoted under the programme for youth policies of the Region of Puglia, as a practice and means of social inclusion for boys and girls outside the school and employment system.

In 2017, it was legally constituted as a Social Promotion Association with its operational headquarters in the Porta Napoli district, an old craft area in the city of Taranto. The project uses art and craftsmanship as a tool to create alternative visions to the city-factory model and open new cultural scenarios through a more direct and less formal approach.

Its central focus is natural silk-screen printing; through the use of pigments extracted from Mediterranean maquis plants and transformed into colour for silk-screen printing, it proposes paths for young people establishing open and constructive dialogues on the environmental and civil eco-system.

Through silk-screen printing, a broader and more creative path is undertaken that induces young people to observe and touch the magic of natural colours and the beauty and slowness of the artisanal process.

In fact, this path starts from learning by doing: a concrete doing related to the materials used and the environment in which one works.


The project is inextricably linked to the territory, it recounts and recovers its stories and ancient traditions, it is a green political manifesto opposed to the pollution of the city, a collective gaze projected into the future, a gentle revolution in which nature coexists with the human being, a participant and motor of the creative process.


via Costantinopoli 56, Taranto, Italy