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Distilleria Bartin
from 02.01.2003

Distilleria Bartin

Distilleria Bartin S.r.l. was set up in 2003 in San Basilio di Mottola (TA), and is located in the heart of an area with a high agricultural vocation for both wine and olive growing. The Distilleria's main activity is the processing of wine-making by-products: i.e. marc and lees. In this sector, the company is one of the most important in the area. 

The company was established with the aim of valorising all the by-products of the agro-food chain, transforming them into noble products, but at the same time it is careful to minimise the impact on the environment, guaranteeing an eco-sustainable future in a circular economy.

Over the years it has grown, evolved technologically, and the team has acquired important knowledge and skills gained through experience and daily commitment. Distilleria Bartin's purification plant is sized for 150,000 population equivalents, and the company is also authorised to purify special non-hazardous waste from the agri-food chain alone on behalf of third parties. The aim is to valorise the purification waste of the anaerobic operators, biogas, producing electricity from cogeneration and offering a service to the territory.

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Area PIP San Basilio di Mottola, 74017 Mottola TA